Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp
Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

A Brief History

Rev. Harry Fogel Healing Park

As a young man from New York, George Colby was told during a sťance that he would someday be instrumental in founding a Spiritualist community in the South. That prophecy was fulfilled in 1875, when Colby was led through the wilderness of Central Florida by his spirit guide "Seneca" to an area surrounded by uncommon hills.

Colby homesteaded land and in 1895 deeded over 35 acres to the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association which was incorporated in December of 1894.

Colby was ill with TB when he arrived in the area. Rumor has it that a small spring located on his  homestead provided the elixir that healed him.

Spirit Pond

Healing Spring

Volusia County has purchased 110 acres of adjoining property with the goal of preserving sensitive environmental species and the historical significance of the site.


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