Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp
Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp


Spiritual Healing has been taught by man in all ages. It is recognized in the Bible and has been a tenet of ancient and modern religions.
Spiritual Healing does not deny that physicians and surgeons are necessary. We believe Spiritual Healing complements traditional as well as alternative medical practitioners and we cooperate with them at all times.

The results of Spiritual Healing are produced in several ways:

  • Through the individualís inherent self-healing ability.
  • Through the healerís use of mediumship to channel Godís healing energies into the individual, affecting the areas of the body, mind and/or spirit which are in need of healing.
  • Through absentee healing, where the healer calls upon help from the Spirit realm to carry Godís healing energies to the individual not present.

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View Statements from those who have received Healing Treatments by clicking here.

Certified Healers - Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

NAME Phone


Rev. Stephen G. Adkins (386) 868-9650 Info
Web Site:
Jodie Bellis-Martinez (813) 486-4197 Info  Please call
Rev. Patricia Carpenter (386) 228-0091 Info
Marla Chirnside (386) 473-3530
Web Site:
Rev. Ed Conklin, Ph.D. (386) 216-8696 Info
Rev. Judy Cooper (407) 921-0411 Info
Philip DeLong (386) 453-9356 Info
Web Site:
Rev. Dr. Suzanne DeWees (386) 747-0574 Info
Web Site:
Nellie Edwards (386) 228-0168
Web Site:
Nora Esther (386) 451-7201 Info  
Dr. Sheldon Ganberg (386) 444-0553 Info
Debra Greten-Ganberg (386) 444-0554
Jackie Garcia (386) 228-2747 Info  
Cindy Garszczynski (386) 848-0618
Dr. Louis Gates (386) 228-0288
Web site:
Marie Gates (386) 228-0288 
Web site:
Pauline Gold (407) 617-9603 Info
Web site:
Rev. Robert Johnstone (386) 473-2555 Info
Web site:
Debra Jordan

(904) 563-2205
Rev. Gregory P. Kent (863) 207-1164 Info  
Dr. Geri M. Krista (718) 828-4723 Info
Rev. Jerry Moore      
Rev. Iona Osborne (386) 789-0464 Info  
Joan Piper (386) 228-0435 Info
Web Site:
Richard Russell (386) 479-3369
Joy Sagar (386) 479-5225 Info
Web Site:
Rev. Margaret Schmidt (386) 228-2222 Info
Rev. Arlene Sikora, M.Ed. (386) 290-5521
(702) 750-0885
Las Vegas 5t
Trish Smith (386) 490-6285    
Rev. Nick Sourant (386) 216-9905
Dr. James Thomas (386) 451-7214 Info
Rev. Claire Van Cott (386) 801-9051
Web site:
Margarita Varela (386) 215-5161 Info  
Victor Vogenitz (386) 228-4000 Info
Web Site:
Irma Wilkes (386) 747-6864 Info  
Rev. Don Zanghi (386) 228-3156 Info


  • Anticipate being Healed.
  • Concentrate on the power of God within you.
  • Relax. Sit straight, breathe deeply, calm yourself. The balance between body, mind and spirit brings healing. Let go and let God.
  • Healing is a natural process from God. Some healings are instantaneous, others take time. Remember that in healing, as in all things, we must each be willing to do our part.


I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force
To remove all obstructions
From my mind and body
And to restore me to perfect health.
I ask this in all sincerity and honesty,
and I will do my part.

I ask this Great Unseen Healing Force
To help both present and absent ones
Who are in need of help
and to restore them to perfect health.
I put my trust
In the love and power of God.


Caesar Forman Healing Center

The Caesar Forman Healing Center, adjacent to the Colby Memorial Temple


Sunday: Spiritual Healing, 10:00 - 10:30 am (HG)
  Spiritual Healing during the 10:30 service (CMT)

Spiritual Healing, 7:00 -7:30 pm., prior to Wednesday Night Message Service

Thursday: Healing Meditation Services, every Thursday at 11:00 am
Join in sending healing energy to those on the healing lists and to the planet.
Friday: Reiki, Second & Fourth Friday, 7:00  p.m. (AJD)


HG=Healing Gazebo (Caesar Forman Healing Center)  CMT=Colby Memorial Temple  AJD=Andrew Jackson Davis Bldg.


Additional hours may be posted at the Center
There is no charge for healing at the Center, however donations are appreciated. 

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