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Rev. Judy Cooper







(407) 921-0411

Judy has been intuitive since childhood.  She received spirit visits from both her father and her grandfather at the time of their passing. 

She has always been very sensitive and able to sense events before they occur.  A paralegal by profession, she took time to raise three children then began her studies in mediumship. Judy has taken many classes with many great instructors including Cassadaga’s own Rev. Eloise Page. 

Judy is a former co-pastor of The Light of Spiritualism Church in Orlando.  She worked many years on the board of director as president, secretary and treasurer.  She has taught classes in Mediumship and Symbolism. 

She is currently a SCSCMA Certified Medium, a Minister and past Director of the Sunday Grove Service at Cassadaga. 

Judy is clairsentient, is a clairvoyant and a clairaudient.  The feeling, seeing and hearing of spirit allows her to receive clear and meaningful spirit communications and guidance. 

She is available for reading in-person or by phone.  You can contact her at 407-921-0411.