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Rev. Don Zanghi







(386) 228-3156

Rev. Don Zanghi, SCSCMA certified Medium, Teacher, and Ordained Minister.

Rev. Don Zanghi has been a certified medium, healer and teacher for several years. His interest in mediumship was inspired by an experience he had in Camp Lily Dale, NY and rekindled when he moved to Florida and began classes at Cassadaga.

Don is a member and student of many metaphysical and esoteric traditions. In search of metaphysical truth teachings, he has visited Machu Picchu Peru, Egypt, India, and Canada. He and his wife Jeanette co-authored the book "Rickshaw 110: Road to Sai Baba."

Rev. Zanghi is past Associate Pastor of Colby Temple and practices spiritual counseling, teaching, sťances, spirit mediumship, Spirit Removals from homes, Readings to contact Animals, and Healing services for Animals. Don is a devoted student and teacher who resides in Cassadaga with his wife, and three cats.