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Irma Slade Wilkes







(386) 747-6864


Astrology Sign: Cancer
Descendant of Creek and Choctaw Indians of America, and of Irish, Dutch, and German descent. Psychic talent, healing, art and music are prevalent in my family. 

A Spiritualist Medium and Healer, I am blessed with the talent of receiving, intuitively, pictures, words, thoughts and symbols from the divine realm.  I am able to hear and write inspired messages. 

A reading with me is 30-40 minutes. I enjoy connecting with spirit loved ones, spirit guides and guardian angels and receiving evidential proof of on going personality and intelligence.  Guidance from the spirit world and psychic sense includes present and future issues. 

As a Healer, I am ever conscious of the reality of Godís divine healing power as well as oneís self-healing ability.