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Margarita Varela

(386) 215-5161


Margarita was born and raised in Puerto Rico, there she learned how to love and value her roots and the diversity of cultures she was exposed to.

Margarita’s mission is to serve Spirit and inspire others by humbly bringing messages of love and hope with evidential proof of the continuity of life.

She has been “intuitive” since childhood with that sense of just “knowing”. She received Spirit visits from many of her friends and from family members, specially her cousins and grandmother, at the time of their passing. 

Early in her life, it was through dreams that Margarita received many messages. She has always been very sensitive and able to “feel” events before they occurred.  As she matured, more and more people felt attracted to her and would tell her about issues in their lives that they would not normally shared with others. Seeking Margarita’s advice they would promptly find a loving and compassionate listener that would patiently provide them with answers that came through what Margarita calls a “Voice” that talks to her and helps her with providing guidance.

A secretary by profession, a stay-at-home mother by choice, she took time to raise her beautiful family instead of pursuing her business career. Her family is the life force that moves her to continue the never ending quest to get closer to Spirit. This willingness to purse her spiritual life to the next level enabled her to accept a spiritual invitation to visit Cassadaga and thus began her studies in Healing and Mediumship.

She is the first Spanish speaking person to receive Certification as Medium & Spiritual Healer from Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association. She is fully bilingual and gives spiritual readings through different modalities whether clairsentient, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or just the feeling, seeing, hearing and the sense to know something without knowing it. In her readings, Margarita loves to bring through evidential knowledge of spirit, such as, relatives, friends, spirit guides. Many times past lives are revealed and guidance on health conditions, finances, and relationships as well are addressed through Spirit intervention.

Today you can find her at The Sunshine Room, McKinley Street behind the Davis Building, for appointments please call 386-215-5161.