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Rev. Iona Osborne







(386) 789-0464

The Appalachian mountains of Boone County, West Virginia were Iona Osborne’s home. Born and raised in a coal camp for 16 years, she truly is a coal miner’s daughter. Iona calls herself a “home grown” medium as she believes a lot of us are and were, aware or not. As a small child, she knew things and saw things. In the late 80’s she became activated again and chose multiple studies and credentials.

Iona truly believes God is all love; therefore, love heals. If you want to keep it simple, see Iona, but only if you’re impressed to do so and if it feels right, in that moment. Iona is available for spiritual healings, absentee healings, self development, and medium psychic sessions; usually all are part of a session.