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Dr. Geri Krista







(718) 828-4723

Retired from private practice as a Physician of Chiropractic Medicine and Acupuncture, Dr. Geri Krista is now a Spiritual Healer, Medium, and Teacher certified by Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. She is also an aspiring author, currently penning her first two books titled,  'The Spiritual Big Bang!' and The ReFeeding Diet: Take Back Your Power Over Your Health, Weight, and Vitality! '.

As a child, Geri was intuitive and received information from Spirit in 'downloads'. After connecting with her Higher-Self, she would instantly know some information, sometimes being given specific verbiage. At the age when she was learning to speak she would often say things that would surprise the adults around her. These intuitive downloads have continued throughout her life. As an aspiring author, Geri gets most of her materials from Spirit as downloads - usually upon awakening or during meditation.

While following her own Spiritual Path. Geri has studied Metaphysics since 1977. Geri is an Astarian - studying from the Astara Book of Life since 1993. She also studies from the Siddha Yoga course of study.

In the early 1980's, she received Shaktipat from the Guru - Baba Muktananda. She also studied QiGong with GrandMaster Weizhao Wu and his successor Master Teresa. Both Baba Muktananda and GrandMaster Wu have passed to Spirit. Dr. Geri is blessed to continue learning from both of these Masters even after they left their physical bodies. She credits her studies at S.C.S.C.M.A. with her Mediumship Mentor Dr. Louis Gates for showing her how to connect with her Spirit Guides including these two Masters.

Dr. Krista holds a Masters degree in Education and is retired from a career as a Professor of college and post-graduate studies in Medicine and in Computer Science. As a lifelong learner, Geri loves to learn and to teach. She enjoys encouraging others through her Mediumship.

Medium and Spiritual Healer certified by S.C.S.C.M.A.
Physician of Chiropractic Medicine and Acupuncture
Professor of college and post-grad studies in Medicine and Computer Science
Reiki Master Teacher

Doctor of Chiropractic | 1985
Reiki Master | 1991
CMT | Competent Toastmaster | 1995
Fellow, International Academy of Medical Acupuncture 2001
MSEd | Master of Education | 2004
Certified Life Coach | 2005
Certified Spiritual Healer | SCSCMA| 2015
Certified Medium | SCSCMA| 2017
Certified Teacher | SCSCMA| 2017