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Brenda Gross








     Brenda Gross has known Spirit since she was old enough to talk.  A fourth generation intuitive on her mother's side, she knew things before they happened and would catch glimpses of Spirit as they passed by her.  Years later in a reading by a Medium she learned that she had gifts of Spirit she would use to give help and healings to others.   Many years and many teachers later, she became a Certified Medium and a Licentiate Minister in the Spiritualist faith.    

     Brenda’s abilities include Clairvoyance (ultra sensitive perception), Clairsentient (feeling perception), Clairaudient (hearing Spirit), as well as Trance Mediumship (channeling Spirit).  She communicates easily with the Spirits on the other side and has bridged the gap between families and their Spirit loved ones.  She is an intuitive counselor and brings messages from Spirit to help others in their everyday lives so they can find their way back to their life’s path.   She has taught development classes for over five years and has held a weekly séance circle to teach others the joy of working with Spirit. 

     She describes her work as The most satisfying and rewarding opportunity to help and serve her fellow soul mates, and says it is a joy and a pleasure to reunite you with your Spirit loved ones.

     Please call ahead and book your appointment to insure an appointment on the day you prefer to visit Cassadaga.   Phone readings are available for those of you who cannot get to Cassadaga.  Phone readings are just as accurate as an in person reading.