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Nora Esther







(386) 451-7201

Nora was brought up in Spiritualism since the age of 15 years old.  Both of her parents were practicing Spiritualists.  Her mother was a minister, certified medium, teacher, counselor, and missionary for the religion of Spiritualism.  Nora has been communicating and seeing Spirit all her life but her early memories began around 7 years of age.  She has been coming to Cassadaga since she was 17 years old on a regular basis.  She has been working on fine tuning her communication with Spirit since she was around 18 year old.  

Since Nora's parents and other Spirits were in constant communication with her, she decided that she might as well accept the gift and enjoy the different ways that Spirit communicates with her.  Nora is most happy when she can help someone understand Spirit communication and the religion of Spiritualism. 
It has been a joyful path, one she feels was chosen for her by God and Spirit.

Nora is available for readings evenings and on weekends.