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Philip DeLong, D. Min.







(386)  453-9356

Hello, I AM Philip DeLong, D. Min., a Spiritual Medium and Healer dedicated to facilitating your path and journey. Through my Guides, I use my psychic gifts to connect to spirit to bring through your loved ones and guides for the messages you need. I have made an effort to integrate the expressed intelligence of many who carry the torch of truth. I embrace the expression of gratitude for the Light I have been granted, and to share my gifts for the service of others. Embracing Hope, it is the one Truth that acknowledges the validity of all predictions is in the hands of those who are willing to make change, and use their Free Will accordingly.

I have been attuned to crystals and Metaphysics since early childhood, and have had a Near-Death Experience. This experience has brought me to the arms of Spirit in the Angelic Realm and has guided my path. I see the world through different eyes.

Services Available
I AM available to do readings here in Cassadaga, by phone, or Skype video chat. I AM also available to do groups, galleries, or parties in the Central Florida area. To schedule an appointment, please email me at mediumdrphil@yahoo.com or call/text 386- 453-9356. I take payments by PayPal, Credit Card, or other arrangements, prior to the appointment.

There are many forms of healing. Through mediumship, many receive the closure they did not receive when their loved one was still living. Also, the knowledge of the continuity of life after the so-called change called death gives many people peace, and no more fear of death.

I also do absent/distant healing on a love donation basis. Through spiritual healing, one receives divine assistance from their healing angels helping them to facilitate self healing of their body, mind, and spirit.