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Jodie Bellis



Jodie is an SCSCMA (Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association) Certified Psychic Medium/Healer and she lives at the Cassadaga Spiritualist camp. Jodie does not believe in limiting the connection of Spirit so she works with Spirit through all means of mediumship by seeing, feeling, hearing and even smelling. Spiritualism is the science, philosophy and religion of the continuity of life. We believe life continues on after a change called death. Jodie is very scientific and  loves to help people understand proof of continuity through science. She has developed ways for us to be able to hear Spirit more clearly for themselves through electronic devices. We are in a see, feel, hear and touch kind of world and people don't want to just be told someone is with them, they want to experience for themselves. She would like to help people understand that their loved ones, family and friends in Spirit are exactly the same as they were before their molecular structure change called death. The truth is most people want help to understand their own personal experiences and she wants to help people see the “other side” of Spirit and know they are not crazy.  She had a death experience 20 years ago and it opened a lifetime of scientifically being able to explain what she experienced on the other side for herself.

Her spouse is a Deputy Sheriff and  that helps her understand how not to affect cases in progress of lost loved ones but be able to assist in finding them.

Jodie does PowerPoint Seminars and Workshops all over the United States. If  interested in booking please call for more information.

She also does Séances where the classic meets the modern. If interested in experiencing a classic Victorian style table tipping mixed with modern electronic communication devices please call for scheduling. At these events you will be able to hear Spirit for yourself.