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Rev. Patti Aubrey-Carpenter







(386) 228-0091

Let me introduce myself -- Im known as Patti Aubrey (Carpenter) and Im originally from Boston, Massachusetts.    In my early years people would seek me out, tell me about issues in their life and ask for advice.  Id listen then tell them what I felt in my heart would be best for them.  At that time I didnt understand what drew individuals to me, only that I was somehow able to provide assistance. 

 When I moved to Florida I purchased a business that was to cause me great concern and worry.  Just when my trials seemed insurmountable, a voice began speaking to me saying that it would help me.  I thought I might be losing my mind and hurried off to see a psychologist.  After two sessions the psychologist said, More people should be like you.  That voice has never left me since and continues to guide and direct me in all aspects of my life.  I am very grateful for this gift.

Initially I was curious about the voice that spoke to me and sought out courses and seminars at such places as: the ARE (Association for Research & Enlightenment the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach), the Insight Transformational Seminar series, Science of Mind, the Silva Mind Control method, the I AM (Saint Germain Foundation), the Paramahansa Yogananda Self Realization Foundation and, as my consciousness broadened, the study and practice of Spiritualism.  More recently, Ive continued my studies at the Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Studies in Essex, England. 

 Ive resided in Camp Cassadaga since 1989 and am certified by our organization as a Medium, Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Minister.  I hope well have the pleasure of meeting!